Chicken Coop Designs And Plans For Your Backyard Farming

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Step By Step Guide on How To Make a Chicken Coop

Building a chicken coop allows you to raise chickens for eggs, harvest organic eggs, recycle the food scraps as well as develop quality fertilizer from chicken droppings. The whole process may look complicated but with the right tools, you can do it yourself. Here is a step by step guide on how to make a chicken coop:

First, Set Your Goals.

The size of your chicken coop will defer depending on your need as well as the available Great Images Of Chicken Coopspace. You will need to first determine how many chickens you plan to keep and whether you are keeping the chickens for eggs or meet before you begin making the chicken coop.

Develop a Chicken Coop Plan

No matter how small or big you plan to make your chicken coop, you need a detailed and clear plan. You can either make your own chicken coop plan or purchase it. Here are some of the most important factors that should be considered when making a chicken coop:

Tips About The Height

Raise your chicken coop about two or three feet above the ground. This makes the chickens less accessible by predators.


Depending on the outside elements, a chicken coop requires insulation. Select materials depending on how much protection from the harsh elements you chickens need.


Since the chickens will be eliminating inside the house, you will need to ensure that there is free flow of air through the coop.

Food and Water

The chickens need access to clean water and food when inside the coop. Choose a system that suits your plan.


Perches provide a place for the chickens to roost at night. Ensure that there is enough space to prevent your chickens from cramping in a small area.

Nest Boxes

This is the place where chickens lay eggs. Do not make it too comfortable or spacious so that the chickens are not encouraged to over stay there.

Assemble The Tools And Materials

You will need plywood or wood of different sizes, litter, screws, hinges, chicken wire and nails. Additionally, you will need a workbench, hammer, drill, a measuring tape, power saw, sander, leather gloves and a facemask.

After gathering the above items, you can now begin making the chicken coop. Be very careful when building to avoid any mistakes as well as accidents. Follow the step by step instructions that are given on the coop plan.

· First, join the bottom frames, then the supporting frames and the side frames. Use wood glue to hold the frames together and drill small pilot holes for the nails.

· After the frames are ready, you can put the sidings; chicken wire or plywood as well as the roofing materials.

· Windows and doors are the last thing to work on for ventilation purposes

Once the chicken coop is ready, paint it to make it more pleasing to the eyes. Painting also protects it from weathering.

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Types Of Sheds & How to Choose the Perfect Garden Shed for Your Backyard

Types Of Sheds Images OnlineA garden shed is an extension to your outdoor space requirements. But what type of shed should you really build or purchase? It depends on how you are going to use it, how much space you want, and how much budget you have set aside for it. Based on these factors, you can focus on different types of shed plans.

What Type of Material do You Need?

Sheds are basically made from either metal or wood. Both have their own benefits, but you should choose the right material for your shed based on your requirements.


1. Metallic Sheds – There are many types of metals used for sheds like aluminum alloys, steel, and tin. But all metals are great conductors of heat. This is why they get very cold in winters and very hot in summers. If you want the shed for your expensive equipment or your pets, then you should avoid metal.

2. Wooden Sheds – Wooden sheds are most common all across the globe. But ready-made wooden sheds are scarce. If you know a little bit of carpentry, then you can erect your own shed very easily. But timber is susceptible to rot, mold and decay, so the wooden sheds require regular maintenance. There are literally thousand types of shed plans if you go for timber as your shed material. 
FREE Storage Shed Plans Pictures

How much Storage Space do You Need?

When you design a shed plan, you must keep the storage capacity of the shed in your mind. The storage capacity basically depends on two factors: what are you going to store in it and how are you going to store things in it. If you want to store your lawnmower inside the shed, then it should be at least twice the size of the lawnmower for comfortable storage. You can also maximize the storage capacity using these tips:

1. Use hangers or hooks to hang some of your stuff.
2. Use wall-mount racks to store items that you cannot hang from the hooks.
3. When designing the shed, use extra wood to create shelves so you can keep small items in them.

What Style of Shed do You Want?

Majority of the sheds are of the classic pitch type sheds (they have a triangular sloping roof). These sheds are ideal for storing long items like basketball posts, bamboos, and pipes. The second type of sheds are single-angled single-slope roof sheds. These sheds are an ideal choice if you are going to build the shed against an existing wall. 

If you are thinking of building or buying a new shed, then there are many different types of shed plans available. You should make s decision based on the storage capacity, material you want to use, and the style of shed you want to build. In turn, all these factors depend on your own shed requirements. You can build your own shed from scratch or buy a do-it-yourself (DIY) shed kit. But the DIY shed kits do not offer as much flexibility as a shed designed and built by yourself.



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